Mindful Living

Many of us  look for answers, for ways to reduce the stress and busyness of our lives, and perhaps wonder if relationships could be richer and more meaningful. Some of us believe overwork is the answer- at least it numbs he pain of whatever isn’t working in our lives!

But no matter how long the “to do” list, if we often feel exhausted and depleted, or as if something is missing, this website may hold some answers.

Even if trauma is not the issue (although it can be argued that ongoing stress eventually becomes trauma!) we may find it helpful to adopt a more Mindful, rather than mindless way of living. By slowing down and allowing each moment its own breath, we can begin to expand our awareness and enjoyment of each moment.

I welcome you to this blog, for health professionals and people who want to enrich their lives and reduce or heal from trauma.  We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.