Health professionals are exhausted and depleted at present. This new introductory ten-week course aims to build morale and cohesion while introducing new, immediately useful trauma-informed psychotherapy skills and experience with peer supervision around therapeutic presence and skills, establishing and exploring the Self of the therapist within an emerging community of Care, Learning and Practice. The course is highly engaging including live interactive lectures, reflective team skills practice, case collaboration studies, online learning and integration activities, and establishment of ongoing Balint style peer supervision groups and skills practice groups with the option of continuing after the program ends.   Each week you will receive six hours of pre-session learning material followed by six hours of practice development in reflecting teams, in an intense, immersive learning experience, with highly supportive facilitators.

The introductory ten-week program includes the following topics:

1.Foundational Theories and Practice in Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy
2.Socio-political and cultural context of Mental Health/Illness
3. Introduction to Internal Family Systems
4. Reflective practice 1: Self as therapist
5. Introduction to Polyvagal Theory
6. Introduction to Solution Focused Brief therapy
7. Practicum week
8. Reflective practice 2: Self as therapist
9. Introduction to Single Session Family Therapy

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