A place in the Growing Heart Sanctuary

 Community Led Recovery, Inspiration and Support

 As a health professional or healer your work is heroic. But if you are feeling burnt out or on the brink of leaving, overwhelmed by the relentless demands of a broken system, joining us is the answer. We are your tribe, and guide to a better way.

Our community is a beacon of care in a sea of indifference. We actually care about members as individuals and work to address the potential “shadow” aspects of our collective, to work through potential disagreement and conflict, in order to grow and be stronger and healthier together. Collectively, the community is rich and nourishing and enfolds you in sanctuary and support befitting your heroic work as healers and clinicians. Together, we champion ethical and philosophical values that resonate with our deepest inner drive to help others, while specifically caring for ourselves and each other.

We are committed to being the change this world urgently needs. By fostering kindness, unity, collaboration, and connection within our beautifully diverse community, we pave the way for recovery. We understand that healing is not just an individual journey but a collective experience that involves every body and society as a whole.

We do this through personal encounter groups, trainings, supervision and other community led projects.

Our mission is clear: to grow a community of Care, Practice, and Learning. We envision a healing community that spans far and wide, incorporating a multitude of clinicians and healers. From nurses and nurse- therapists, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, doctors, to music and art therapists, play therapists, family therapists exercise and physiology therapists, equine and animal therapists, dieticians, trauma-informed yoga teachers, indigenous advisors, and countless other healers we aim to grow a rich and diverse community.

Our ultimate goal is to forge a community of excellence, where the “soul” of each member is cherished and nurtured. Together, we are creating a safe harbour—a place of belonging and support—where resilience can flourish. And as we tend to the present, we will also sow the seeds for a brighter future.

Start with a weekend Encounter Group in Warburton in December.  Places are limited, so please contact me to secure your place.