A place in the Growing Heart Sanctuary

 Community Led Inspiration, Restoration and Transformation

 We want to help restore your love for the work, and invite you to join our trauma-informed and social justice-based therapist community.

In a world where complexity and trauma intertwine, health professionals are seeking enriched care and expanded approaches. Our thriving peer led community rekindles passion for your work with curious, growthful  and reflective learning experiences, extending your sense of possibility in practice.

Whether you’re new to trauma-informed psychotherapy or an experienced practitioner, the Growing Heart community events, courses and gatherings cultivate curiosity, confidence, and an expanded toolkit.

Together, we champion ethical and philosophical values that resonate with our deepest inner drive to help others, while specifically caring for ourselves and each other.

We are committed to being the change this world urgently needs. By fostering kindness, unity, collaboration, and connection within our beautifully diverse community, we pave the way for recovery. We understand that healing is not just an individual journey but a collective experience that involves every body and society as a whole.

We envision a healing community that spans far and wide, incorporating a multitude of clinicians and healers. From nurses and nurse- therapists, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, GPs, psychiatrists, music and art therapists, play therapists, family therapists, exercise and physiology therapists, equine and animal therapists, dieticians, trauma-informed yoga teachers, indigenous advisors, and countless other healers we aim to grow a rich and diverse community.

Together, we are creating a safe harbour—a place of belonging and support—where resilience can flourish. And as we tend to the present, we will also sow the seeds for a brighter future.

For those seeking face to face connections, why not start with a weekend Retreat in Warburton in May 2024?  Or alternatively attend a half day workshop in February on Working Somatically with Trauma?

More information and bookings here