Stress and Trauma

…can be healed

The average human brain has five times more “worry” networks than calm ones. This helps us survive. But over time, stress and worry can take over, and seem “normal”. Trouble is, stress is literally eating us up, according to Cozolino and others.

Long term, stress releases chemicals which damage the brain and body. Our immune system, major organs, nervous system, gut, bones, and parts of the brain are damaged. Genes suffer. We are more prone to physical conditions such as IBS. Relationships suffer. Plus, we may turn to unhealthy coping strategies such as alcohol or too many potato chips!

Stress can even be passed on to unborn babies, changing parts of the brain and making babies more prone to stress.

The good news is we can heal and prevent more damage from stress and trauma, learn to live more peacefully, protect our long term physical, mental and emotional health, and protect our relationships. Contact us today, or follow our blog to learn more.