Relationships are not easy. Most couples struggle at one time or another. Common patterns are fights that seem to go unresolved or talking about anything other than what we actually need. Avoiding some topics completely. Not knowing our own needs or fearing asking for them. Lack of warmth or connection, “thirds” for example a secret life, spending too much time with social media, overworking or other preoccupations.  Power struggles or overcontrolling behaviours. Relationship issues are more likely if our original family life was neglectful or complex in some way.

But couples can learn how to function in a healthier way and make their relationships more alive, loving and nourishing. Based on Stan Tatkin’s PACT model and the recent neuroscience of attachment and connection, there are many more ways today for couples to build warm, secure-functioning relationships.

We can help you untangle the knot to create more loving connections. For a confidential chat, please contact Claire on 0408 509110

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