Specialized consulting, counselling, psychotherapy, learning and supportĀ  services forĀ  healing complex trauma and attachment issues

  • Mentoring and supervision for health professionals

  • Individual or group therapy for

  • addictions and perfectionism
  • stress, anxiety or depression
  • trauma or PTSD
  • dissociation
  • relationship issues
  • chronic self harm or suicidality
  • somatic conditions without apparent medical cause
  • “treatment resistant” conditions
  • food problems
  • body dysmorphia, gender confusion or similar
  • loneliness or difficulty forming relationships

  • couple or family therapy

    • pre marital work
    • intimacy issues
    • too much conflict or too enmeshed or controlling
    • lack of secure functioning attachment
    • too distant or cut off
    • difficulty getting needs met fairly
    • “stuck” issues that are hard to talk about or resolve
    • intergenerational family trauma

  • Mindfulness retreats and weekly zoom group practice

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