Are you generally calm and emotionally stable? Or are you a bit of a “stress head”? Are you normally placid but find road rage sneaks up on you while driving? Do you sometimes blow your stack in a way that scares others? Do you lie awake at night replaying things in your mind, seething with resentment or worry? Or wake at 3am in the morning? Are you often fidgety or irritable? Preoccupied? Have digestive and other issues such as IBS? Feel tight across the chest often, even at rest? Have tense or rigid muscles? Clammy skin? Racing heart? Need alcohol or other substances to wind down, wind up, or just get on with daily life?

You may have Sneaky Stress

Sneaky Stress is just what the label says- it’s stress that sneaks up on you. It probably showed up many years ago, looking innocent, and now seems quite “normal”. It may even pretend to be your “friend”. But just how much of a friend is it really?

Although we may believe stress is normal, or motivating, recent science tells us it is not at all good for the body, feelings, or mind. Experts like Dan Seigal and Lou Cozolino suggest it’s a bit like driving a car whose engine won’t stop revving, and with dodgy brakes. The car will wear out sooner, and the ride will be bumpier and a lot more stressful! Also, long term stress is exhausting, and has long term health risks.

People who are constantly stressed are also stressful for others to be around, so your family and friends may be suffering if this is you!

Reader warning: please don’t beat yourself up if this is you- instead, learn to handle your stress differently. Attend one of our Mindfulness classes or call Claire on 0408 509 110, we can help!




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