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ACES study

ACES study

A long term study of over 17,000 middle class Americans shows that the more adverse childhood experiences, the higher the risk of mental, emotional and physical illness

The Power Threat Meaning Framework

By |2022-09-18T18:44:02+10:00September 18, 2022|Big Pharma, Blog, British Psychological Society, Complex PTSD, complex trauma, DSM, evidence based practice, healing trauma, health professionals resources, ICD, Power Threat Meaning, therapist guidelines for complex trauma|

Clinician guidelines for working with complex trauma

By |2022-01-25T01:03:46+11:00February 2, 2018|Blog, Blue Knot Foundation guidelines, embodied awareness, healing trauma, neuroplasticity, Pat Ogden, relationships, resources for health professionals, shame, therapist guidelines for complex trauma|

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