Healing Trauma and Dissociation

Commencing 4th April 2016, Jolimont, Melbourne

Monday  evenings, 4.30-6.30pm

A new 3 module, 24 week evening program, to heal and quieten symptoms of trauma including dissociation, interpersonal problems,  difficulties with emotional regulation, or patterns that are not working.

Please note that referral and assessment must be finalised by MID FEBRUARY, and there are only a few places left for this group.

Healing Trauma and Dissociation Program Overview.

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A referral letter is needed from your doctor or GP. Please call Claire on 0408 509 110, or contact us for more information.



WholeHearted Loving

From February 21st, 2013, four weeks

Thursday evenings, 6.30 – 9pm

  • Revitalise relationships with those you love
  • Live more authentically
  • Love Mindfully
  • Develop closer relationships
  • Have more fun
  • Handle stress and life issues more easily

Join a group of exceptional people Thursday evenings,  to move your life and relationships to the next level.

The program costs $350  per person,  early birds registering before January 1st 2013 can bring a partner or friend for free
Apply now as places are filling fast

Mindful Mums

Introductory Evening

Monday 1st March 2013

This introductory evening is a pre-requisite for the advanced parenting course.

  • Build or re-energize your parenting
  • Free yourself  from “shoulds”
  • Spend more time doing what matters
  • Let go of stress and drama
  • Reduce stress, anxiety or depression

Join a group of caring and motivated people for an introductory evening, where we get to see what is possible to enrich our parenting and our life, to enjoy our family more,and grow healthier connections. Lighten the load, meet others like you, and have some “me time”. Oh, and we have tim tams for supper.
The event costs $189 per person plus GST, early birds registering before 1st February 2012 can bring a friend or partner for free.
Apply now as places are filling fast

 WholeHearted Professionals

September 29th and 30th 2013

This is an inaugural event for those seeking to join the Growing Heart Professional Community

If you are a health professional, psychologist or related service provider, chances are that stress is part of your everyday life. How do you survive  stress and pressure without losing your energy and enthusiasm? How do you live authentically while coping with the pressures of the work?How do you engage with clients in an openhearted and minded way, while dealing with your own stress and fatigue?

Part of the answer is to connect with others doing the same important work. We invite you  to join a group of highly trained and dedicated professionals, who aspire to a philosophy and practice that is grounded in emotional, social, spiritual and biological health, learning, and growth. You will meet other community members who love the work. Together we will celebrate achievements so far, and develop milestones for the next 12 months.

The event costs $350  per person

Apply now or call if you have training and expertise in Trauma for more information

Healing Stress and Trauma

Date: November 2013

  • De-stress and heal jangled nerves
  • “Trauma-proof”your future
  • Live more Mindfully
  • Figure out what matters
  • Become more alive and playful
  • Refresh and deepen your sense of self

The course costs $690 and is held over two weekends. For adults,  therapists, professionals, teachers and seekers of knowledge. Call 0408 509 110 or register.

Early early birds registering before 1st Sept 2013 will be sent a free e-book and CD
Presented by Claire Hudson, RN, CMHN, Dip AOD, SMGANZ, ACT trainer and supervisor.