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claireHSClaire Hudson-McAuley is a Somatic and  Gestalt psychotherapist, Registered Nurse, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Couples & Family Therapist, and therapy group facilitator who also offers Consulting Services, training and supervision.

With experience in business,  leadership, and senior health roles, and an interest in holistic, humanistic empowered and collaborative recovery, Claire works as a specialist complex trauma psychotherapist in Melbourne, and more recently with CV19 online with people in Australia and overseas.

Despite the significant problems and limitations of the existing mental health system (Benjamin et al., 2019) Claire is convinced that healing complex trauma and dissociation is possible. She is committed to increasing hope, reducing stigma and suffering, educating and strengthening people to become more resourced, choiceful and empowered regarding options for healing.

The experience of complex childhood trauma has been shown by the ACEs study (Andes and Filettei, 2015) and many other studies to be more likely to create symptoms of complex PTSD or complex trauma in adults, including dissociative conditions, addictions, anxiety, depression, difficulty regulating emotions or difficulty feeling emotions, self harm or suicidality, somatic conditions without apparent medical cause, psychosis, interpersonal sensitivity, relational or attachment issues, parenting or family issues, social issues, physical health issues, gender dysphoria, and many other symptoms (Kezelman & Stavropolous, 2019)

It has been said by Judith Herman that trauma survivors ” have symptoms not memories.” Because many survivors have incomplete or missing memory about what happened, it is important to understand and work with the symptoms rather than diving into too much talk about the actual trauma too soon. In this regard, Claire follows the Blue Knot guidelines for Trauma Sensitive Service Delivery (2012, updated 2019) which outlines current world best practice in the care and treatment of trauma and dissociation. This document, which can be downloaded from the Blue Knot Foundation  encapsulates current thinking in world’s best practice, and has been endorsed by many eminent international trauma experts and organisations.

Claire’s work with patients is also based on the lived experience of healing her own trauma over many years, and the delight of creating secure functioning attachment with her husband and family. Her personal healing journey allows for authentic understanding and compassion, and fosters a strong sense of hope about the possibilities for others to be healed.

She is included on Blue Knot Foundation’s database as a provider of trauma-informed therapeutic services and registered with AHPRA, also eligible for re-credentialing by ACMHN, and is a Professional Member of AAFT. Claire is the Chair of Psychotherapy at the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

Due to caseload there is a waiting period to see Claire. To make an appointment, please call Claire on 0408 509 110, or email info@the-growing-heart.com.





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  1. Hi just wanted to enquiry about your trauma work and availability at the moment. My psychiatrist Dorota Jamroz and Matthew Roberts highly recommend you.

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