Therapy for Stress and Trauma

 Stress and trauma happen every day. Often, we simply get on with life afterward. But sometimes our experience stays with us, haunts us in some way. There may be an aftermath, such as low self esteem, poor quality of life, relationship issues, repeated patterns of behaviour that you don’t like, shame and loneliness, addictions,  and physical, emotional or mental health issues .

If you are reading this, chances are you are trying to deal with the legacy of stress or trauma in some way. While some coping strategies may work in the short term, you may notice that the problem is getting worse or that your old coping strategies aren’t working so well. You may wonder what options you have in addition to standard treatments.

We are a safe, effective Psychotherapy service, dedicated to the treatment of  complex or long term Trauma and stress. Thanks to recent advances in neuroscience and neuroplasticity , there are new and better ways to heal stress and trauma.

The Founder of The Growing Heart, Claire Hudson is an experienced Psychotherapist, with specialised training in trauma, included on Blue Knot Foundation’s database as a provider of trauma-informed therapeutic services, and with ACF recommended training.

The Growing Heart is a support, learning and referral network of health professionals who specialise in the latest care and treatment for stress and trauma.  Together, we have the expertise to work safely with a wide range of conditions including relationship issues, stress, somatic conditions without apparent medical cause or with emotional elements, chronic pain, complex trauma and dissociation, PTSD, sexual abuse, relationship trauma including childhood neglect and abuse, addictions, self- harm,  emotional dysregulation, and associated conditions such as anxiety  and depression.

Stress and trauma, no matter how complex or long standing, can be quietened or healed. Get the help and support you need today, from professionals who truly understand.

Call  Claire today on 0408 509 110 or email for a confidential chat.

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